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    Kabhoppe — StylingTips

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    City Chic in T-shirt Dress of

    Hey Peeps ! T-shirt dresses are a great go to when hopping to meetings, day outing or even for weekend brunch. Just throw it on and go. So urban and chic. has uber stylish and coolest collection of T-shirt dresses. I selected the Black color and white stripes horizontally on T-shirt dress with Kickass 1979 print on it. Basically it’s…

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    Wear Fishnet Stockings – From Sexy To Classy

    Fishnet stockings are sexy but they can be classy, too. A late night-to-remember on the town, probably, or a costume party. There is no doubt fishnet stockings can be sexy. Your fishnets make a bold statement. So keep it classic everywhere else. While your legs are saying, “look at me, I’m sexy,” let the rest…

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