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    The Perfect Little Black Dress Styled By Deepika Butola

    A little black dress never goes out of style and we enjoyed seeing the ways we can add a unique twist to the LBD in our wardrobe. The LBD of fashion has had women salvating always after all who wouldn’t want to have the perfect figure. The best part? It can be worn so many ways.  Deepika Butola has styled our favorite…

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    Super Cosy Sleepwear From FabAlley Ft. Deepika Butola

    Whether is a bad day or bad week, a really mood-lifter is a fashionable nightwear and what if sleepwear is new outwear in spring. Today blog is on Sleepwear from FabAlley Ft. Deepika Butola. FabAlley sleepwear will keep you cute and comfortable while you catch some Zzz’s. It is for sure to feel happier. Because, as they say, a girl who goes to bed…

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    Reason You Need a Red Handbag!

    Red is the color of love, lust and power. So really, what could be more eye-catching and powerful than an all red? Exactly, nothing! Red Handbag adds polish. A structured red bag will add instant sophistication to your favorite weekend essentials such as striped tees, jeans and sneakers or beautiful pink dress. You’ll be comfortable while still looking…

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