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    Wear Fishnet Stockings – From Sexy To Classy

    Fishnet stockings are sexy but they can be classy, too. A late night-to-remember on the town, probably, or a costume party. There is no doubt fishnet stockings can be sexy. Your fishnets make a bold statement. So keep it classic everywhere else. While your legs are saying, “look at me, I’m sexy,” let the rest…

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    7 Wardrobe Essentials that are Worth the Investment

    Don’t get caught in the trap of overspending on something you’ll only wear once. Long gone are the days of wasting money on pieces that either fall apart or fall out of style, because here comes a parade of revamped essentials and upgraded must-haves. Here’s what’s worth the investment, and what you can get away…

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    6 Indian Wear Nitty-gritties Every Desi Girl Needs !

    Being Indian, no matter how many trends come and go, ethnic wear will forever be our best friend! Do you know what Indian wear wardrobe essentials you need are? We’re sure you know a few essential style clips, but if you love your desi wear as much as we do, look no more! Here are 6 ethnic wardrobe tacks…

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    You can only be as good as your sunglasses. I feel good when I step up with my oversized sunglasses. It gives me more confidence in me and chic look. Fashionable sunglasses make your summer stylish. Sunglasses comes with everything, here comes the fun, adorable cute, trendy chic sunglasses and all around perfect on your…

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