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    Kabhoppe — DeepikaButola

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    A Tour of Wedding Wire App – Your Wedding Solution

    I had a chance to visit Wedding Wire India office for the meeting and knowledge session of their App which was launched last year. Wedding Wire is the industry leader connecting local wedding businesses with today’s couples. Couples trust us through every step of their planning, most importantly to find the wedding professionals who will…

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    India Runway Week Season 10- Trends That Ruled The Ramp

    The recently concluded India Runway Week was chock full of inspired designers and their inspiring designs. We take a look at the ensembles as they were sashayed down the ramp, picking out details that anybody can add to their wardrobe, to transform into a style phenomenon. Wear Stripes to look slim – Udayan Dalmia presented Chic designs and utility while keeping…

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    This Insane Guy Got 101 Tattoos On His Body You Don’t Wanna Miss!

    Without a doubt, these days tattoos are more common than ever. Tattooing has earned quite a bit more in popularity over the years, as compared to the other form of body art present. The reason is quite simple; it gives people a chance to stand out. Since we are living in a world that’s constantly…

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